France-Based Scholars Researching Minority Groups in the Field: A Symposium

  • Mathieu Bonzom
  • Rim Latrache
  • Caroline Laurent
  • Yohann Le Moigne


The editors asked four French scholars specializing in American studies a series of five questions regarding their experience of conducting fieldwork, the challenges they faced, and how they met them. The following is a collaborative contribution, a discussion among the four contributors. The four authors are Yohann Le Moigne (University of Angers), who is a specialist of turf-based gang rivalries in the Los Angeles metropolitan area; Caroline Laurent (University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), who does research on casinos on Indian reservations in the Midwest; Rim Latrache (University of Paris 13 Villetaneuse), who specializes on the construction and expression of Arab and Muslim identities in the United States; and Mathieu Bonzom (University of Orléans), whose work focuses on Latin immigrants and their participation in the labor movement.


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Bonzom, M., R. Latrache, C. Laurent, and Y. Le Moigne. “France-Based Scholars Researching Minority Groups in the Field: A Symposium”. American Studies Journal, Vol. 68, Dec. 2019, doi:10.18422/68-08.